Why pay for traditional phone service when you can get a complete pbx system with unlimited extensions at fraction of the cost?
CareExcel Solutions can provide you with a complete VOIP system, with as many extensions and conference rooms as you please. VOIP / PBX systems uses your exisiting internet connection which, allows you to use your phone system from anywhere in the world. Using VoIP can potentially make you save up to 40 % on local calls, and up to 90 % on international calls.

Save Green and Go Green. Virtualize today!
Virtualization is the process of running multiple instances of operating systems and applications at the same time on the same computer, which provides less noise, lower utility bills, and better utilization of the server. We will work with you to virtualize any existing servers you may have, and bring them into a clustered environment. Please contact us and see what we can do for you.

Managing data is often a tedious and time-consuming process. At CareExcel, we have developed a way to make your data available at all times, from anywhere while being secure. We can also provide you with a complete email server, file sharing systems, and can customize any solution to meet your needs.